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The design has always been a hallmark for SAIEP: thanks to the long experience of its specialists and to the advanced technological supports, SAIEP is able to independently carry out every product required by the customer, through the planning phases of prototyping and industrialization. The customer is constantly involved in all stages of the design, in order to share and precisely define their needs and the technical solutions and reduce costs of the finished product.
Main activities of our Design Dpt.:

  • Project development and management within CAD-CATIA schema
  • Creation of electrical schemas and panel layout starting from customer specifications, using special software (SPAC automation - ELCAD)
  • World wide transfer technology programs management
  • Prototyping of electrical and electromechanical equipment
  • Organization and management of lab tests (RFI, EMC, vibration test, salt fog test, waterproofing test, etc...)
  • Optimization of verification and validation procedures used in product quality
  • RAMS calculation